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Top 3 Reasons Why HDB Homeowners Like Invisible Grille

Invisible grilles (IVG) have progressively improved over the years and it provides better protection against weather elements and more durable.

In the Singapore, we do see alot of companies now offering Invisible grilles targeted for HDB homes. And the price ranges are quite affordable, hence it is no wonder that more and more HDB homeowners are looking at installing them.

For any new homeowners that are looking to install Invisible grille in their HDB home, these are the top 3 reasons why owners will like them.

  1. No view obstruction — HDB DBSS projects like Trivelis features an outdoor balcony with a good view. Having an Invisible Grille installation provides no view blocking and gives you the illusion of a more spacious-looking space.
  2. Durable materials — Most, if not all, Invisible Grille systems in Singapore are engineered with quality stainless steel cable system which is also anti-rust. They provide long lasting support for homeowners and companies usually have warranties around 5 years for HDB owners.
  3. Easy Maintenance — There are only a few components relating to an Invisible Grille installation and they’re very easy to clean and don’t require a lot of effort.

If you’re convinced of the benefits and like to know more on Invisible Grilles for HDB, do check out our Buyer’s Guide to find out what other considerations (e.g. Cable Membrane) to look out for before selecting a vendor for this install work.

If you know what you need and ready to go, check out our curated list of vendors for IVG.