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Marblegum Pros and Cons

In our earlier blog post, we introduced homeowners to Marblegum and it's process and shared a little on the pros and cons of doing Marblegum.

Since then, there was a lot of interest from homeowners on trying to find out more on this.

This post, we'll go deeper into comparing the good and bad of doing Marblegum.

Pros/Advantages/The Good:

  • Achieve glossy marble-like finish with unglazed homogeneous tiles
  • Individual tiles with grout lines now look like single seamless marble floor
  • Maintenance; Cleaning is easier and hassle free. There isn't a need to scrub and make sure grout lines are clean.

Cons/Disadvantages/The Bad:

  • Need to repolish (around 4 years)
  • Can only be done with unglazed homogeneous tiles. Other Tile types might be possible, but require an expert to do onsite inspection first.
  • Cost is on the higher side (Living Room — S$800 ~ S$1300)
  • Tile surface will show micro scratches (small scratch lines) over time. With everyday foot traffic and normal lifestyle movement (e.g. dragging of chairs), it will scratch onto the wax polishing that was done. But scratches are invisible during normal light and can be seen only when you look really close and inspect using a bright light.

I hope this helps homeowners like yourself to understand better about Marblegum and be more informed on the choices you're making.

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Last Updated Jul 23, 2022