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Marblegum FAQ from homeowners

In this post our team went into forums, chatgroups, social media to research and pick out frequent questions that homeowners (potential Marblegum owners) are asking.

If you ever have any doubts about Marblegum, do read on.

Any questions not answered by this post, do drop us an email and we'll get to you shortly.


Frequently Asked Questions



For those who did glossy homogeneous tiles + marble gum >>Is it very slippery especially after moping? Any concern with foot print and/or water stains?



Our Answer:

  • Marblegum's process includes a step for waxing/polishing of your tiles and with wax, slip resistance is lower. But comparing with homogeneous tiles, difference is not much. Hence if you already have homogeneous tiles installed that do not have slip resistant capabilities, doing Marblegum will not increase your chances of slippage. Just do remember to clean up and spills or water puddle quickly.
  • For foot prints and/or water stains, the wax protection layer does a good job in keeping it minimal. But with any glossy flooring options, marks are not visible under normal lighting but clearer when you inspect it closely. However, this can be wiped off easily with a dry cloth or a magic mop.


Any review for marble gum floor does it last? Over years will grout line appear again?

Our Answer:

  • Marblegum uses Marblegum glue for its grout, hence grout lines are still there, just that it matches color of the tile better. And with the initial grinding step, makes it flush and seamless. Over time, the glue might discolor and line becomes more visible but will still be seamless because of the grinding process.
  • What typically wear off is the wax/polish layer and hence it is recommended to redo the polish every 3~4 years.


Did anyone do marble gum with homogeneous tiles? heard that it might eventually case the tiles to crack?

Our Answer:

  • Because Marblegum process requires to grind the tiles to match grout lines, there are chances that while grinding edges of the tiles might crack or chip off. However, for newly installed tiles, chances of this happening is very low. Older tiles might see this, but if it does, typically vendor will apply more marblegum glue to the crack sides and after polishing it'll still look seamless.


Anyone did marble gum polishing for the whole house (except toilets and kitchen)? Is it worth the additional cost to do marble gum?

Our Answer:

  • Marblegum's wow factor is the ability to make standalone tiles with grout lines looks seamless and glossy. Hence typically this is done for only Living room and it's connected walkway. Doing for bedrooms are usually an overkill, but still can be done.
  • In terms of cost, it would be on a higher side . But comparing with installing marble flooring, the cost is definitely lower.
  • Use our Fuss-Free calculator for a quick estimate of cost for your Marblegum project.


Marble gum not suitable for matt looking tiles right?

Our Answer:

  • It depends. Marblegum can be done only on full or half bodied unglazed homogeneous tiles. Grinding is required, hence it requires some depth from the tiles.
  • If your tiles are glazed porcelain or ceramic tiles which are not full bodied, grinding is not possible. Only marble glue grouting & polishing can be done. This would still provide you with better protection and a glossy finish, but you'll not get the seamless look and feel. Epoxy grout would be a better option here.
  • More importantly, if you're unclear of your tiles. Get the vendor to come down and do an onsite inspection first before committing.


…to choose between marble gum or acrylic grout. Anyone can share experience?

Our Answer:

  • First and foremost, Acrylic Grout and Epoxy Grout refers to the same thing where Acrylic Grout been a marketing term.
  • Epoxy Grout once dried is waterproof, will resist stains which makes it easy to clean. The grout lines and gaps are still visible and can feel it, but made more durable.
  • Marblegum on the other hand, uses marblegum glue to replace existing grout. Grinding the tiles down to level with the groutlines and finishing with a polish gives a look as if the grout lines are no longer there and you can no longer feel the grout lines.
  • There isn't much difference in terms of daily maintenance nor durability. But the visual effect is what sets the 2 apart.


Anyone know of the pros and con of using marble gum grouting on new/existing homogeneous tiles?

Our Answer:

Have a look at our detailed blog post on Marblegum Pros and Cons to understand more in detail.


…anyone tried marble gum grouting…on HDB homogeneous white tiles before? … Is it durable and easy to maintain?

Our Answer:

  • Color of the tiles or marblegum glue will not change durability nor maintenance aspect of marblegum. Overall, it is easy to maintain and durable (with the need to repolish every 3~4 years).
  • However to note, if tiles are light colored, marblegum glue color would be matching that as well. And with any light color polyester based product, it tends to yellow or darken overtime. Do check with the vendor and understand this more before committing.


anyone has done marble gum grout before? Marble gum grout vs normal homogeneous floor tile grout — only aesthetic difference?

Our Answer:

The aesthetic difference is huge!

Normal homogeneous floor tile grout are typically Non-Sanded cement based grout. They are white colored and stand out in comparison with the tiles. More importantly, the grouts are never leveled with the tiles, meaning you will always be able to feel the grout lines with your feet.

Marblegum on the other hand, will match color as close as the tiles, and does grinding of tile to level with the grout lines. Meaning when you run your feet over the grout line, you can't feel it there. With the polishing, the end product is like a glossy seamless marble flooring.


May I check if there's a way to check workmanship of marblegumming works?

Our Answer:

Any manual work bound to have workmanship issues. To be on-top of things, it is important to know what type of defects are common to marblegum.

Have a read on our detailed blog post on Marble gum grout — what can go wrong?


…marble gum polishing…might be abit troublesome and have to do own coordination.

Our Answer:

Many homeowner's dilemma is balancing time spent for coordination over paying a markup price and outsource such work to an ID. While most IDs can effectively do this, homeowners are also bounded by the vendors that ID have. Oftentimes, ID's given options are just not what you want.

Marblegum takes around 2 days and should start before carpentry work is starting, hence coordination work is minimal. Moreover, flooring work needs to last a long time and you'll be looking at it daily. It is better to understand what Marblegum is and what to consider before landing with a vendor. And also to choose a vendor that is reputable and with good reviews.

Have a look at our Buyer's Guide for more consideration points, and our curated list of Marblegum vendors with known reviews to start this journey!

Last Updated Jul 23, 2022