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Marble gum grout reviews

Hear what homeowners who did marble gum grout are saying

Continuing our series on Marble gum grout.

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Now, if you're still contemplating on doing marble gum for your living room, have a read below and see what other homeowners who had done it have to say.


Positive/Rave reviews for Marblegum grout

1. Seamless floor and instant “chio” effect — “Mine completed today! Very happy with results!”…”Really chio”

Seamless floor and instant “chio” effect


2. The “feel” of no grout lines — “Very, very pleased with the results”…”One thing you won't get from the pictures is[sic] the “feel” on bare feet. You won't be able to feel the lines at all.”

The “feel” of no grout lines


3. Comparing with other options— “compare to marblegum, definitely don't have the ‘wow' feeling.”…”I have friends who shared that they regretted not doing the[sic] marble gum..”


Cautioning review for Marblegum grout

Now, not everything is rosy with Marblegum grout, post doing it, a word of caution by homeowner:


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Last Updated Jul 23, 2022