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Invisible Grille

Invisible grilles (IVG) also known as stainless steel cables, are a type of grille that are set up to provide safety yet not blocking overall view of a window or balcony.

Often used in high-rise HDBs, condos or even offices here in Singapore, IVG uses stainless steel cables to enclose an opening (e.g. balconies) to protect people from falling through them.

Unlike traditional grilles that can be bulky and overbearing, invisible grilles are hardly noticeable from afar. They do not block wind nor the view and do not interfere with the interior design.

Fixed Invisible Grille @ Balcony


Parts of Invisible Grilles:

  • Cable
    • This is the core component of an IVG and protects your loved ones and pets (e.g. Cats) from falling through.
    • Standard distance between each cable is 2, 3 or 4 inches apart. 3 to 4 inches is typically alright for young children. 2 inches is normally used for home with pets like cat.
    • Each cable has a membrane (transparent plastic coating) to protect the cable against weather elements. They are all made out of some plastic variants currently in the market the 2 common types of material used for the membrane are Nylon, Teflon.
Fixed Invisible Grille — Cables (With detailed view of a Cable)


  • Cable gripper (Top & Bottom)
    • This is what holds the tension of the cables in place and is located both at the top and bottom of the install area (e.g. Service Yard). The screws tighten the cable holding it in place. A protective cover will be put in place to conceal this, preventing any accidents.
    • Note: it is not a single cable that will run through the entire installation. Typically, a continuous cable will only run through 3~4 of such gripper.
Fixed Invisible Grille — Bottom Cable gripper (Screw-Type) with protective cover


  • Stiffeners 
    • These are the cables running across your main IVG cables to ensure sufficient tension is applied and to limit the gap that 2 cables can be pulled apart, adding to the safety of IVG.
Fixed Invisible Grille — Stiffeners

Types of Invisible Grilles

  1. Fixed Invisible Grille/Fixed Panel— Is fixed into position once installed, these are the most common type of install for invisible grilles. Other than balconies, this type of install is also possible for staircase, railings or windows.
  2. Fixed frame— This comes with a fixed frame where the invisible grilles will be housed. They are mounted on top of existing window frame and hence will be protruding out (around 5cm).
  3. Openable Grille — This design is built in such a way that allows your window to be opened Left or Right, just like your usual windows without any restrictions.
  4. Sliding Invisible Grille — Instead of opening left or right, this design allows the casement to be slide to the left or right. With the sliding track, there some protruding out from the wall (around 15cm).
  5. Bi-Fold Invisible Grille — Fashioned using a bi-fold approach, the casement is designed to be folded twice. This can be folded to the slide allowing more access to the window.


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