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Invisible Grille parts that homeowners will need to know

Whether you’re in the process of selecting an Invisible Grille (IVG) vendor or owns an existing installation, getting a better understanding of the different components of an IVG setup is always beneficial.

Any IVG install is made up of these 3 main components:

  1. Steel Cable
  2. Cable Membrane/Coating
  3. Cable gripper system

Let’s dive deeper into each of them.

Steel cable

This is the part that provides safety for people using IVG. An invisible grille uses stainless steel cable passing through a series of knobs (that looks like a pulley system) located at the top and bottom of a window or balcony.

Cables are braided to provide flexibility and mechanical strength for the cable. Typically they’re braided in a 7x7 fashion. This means 7 strands of stainless steel wire is braided into a single thicker wire. Then 7 of these thicker wire are braided again to form the final product. Higher the numbers means more durability and less flexibility. Go for as high as possible.

7x7 Steel Cable

Besides Cable braid type, Cable grade and Thickness are also other factors to take note of. Refer to our Buyer’s Guide for more details.


Cable’s membrane is to protect the cable against weather elements. Once the membrane breaks, the cable would be exposed and have higher chances of breakage or rust.

In today’s market, Nylon & Teflon are the common ones you’ll find. Refer to our Buyer’s Guide for more details on the membrane type and what to look out for.

Cable Membrane/Coating


Cable grip system

Located at both ends of the area where an IVG is/to-be installed, this is the part that holds/grips the cable in place.

There are various options to this and differences are with how the cables are attached to the sides and how much of the wire will be impacted if a break happens.

This 2 options make each cable independent and breakage of any wire do not impact the others. This is the safest approach, and is common for installation in outdoor areas, unfortunately we don’t see such options by vendors for our home IVG setup.


Cable gripper system

These 2 options are common in the market when it comes to our home IVG install. Similar to the previous options, any breakage of the wires will only impact a small section of the IVG.

However different vendors have different offerings, and some provide better safety than others. For the option on the left, any break in wire will impact on that wire alone, but on the right, a small section is impacted.

Hence do consider this when you’re looking for a new install.

Cable gripper system

Now that you’re more acquainted to the components that make up IVG, do check out our Buyer’s Guide to find out what other considerations (e.g. Cable Membrane) to look out for before selecting a vendor for this install work.

If you know what you need and ready to go, check out our curated list of vendors for IVG.