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Invisible Grille FAQ from homeowners

In this post our team went into chatgroups to research and pick out questions that homeowners (potential Invisible Grille owners) are asking.

If you ever have any doubts about Invisible Grille, do read on.

Any questions not answered by this post, do drop us an email and we’ll get to you shortly.


Frequently Asked Questions


We had asked our contractor to put the pelmet 20cm from the windows…We are still considering whether fixed frame or casement open. But casement will it affect my curtain?


Our Answer:

  • While there are multiple options for IVG, not all options are always applicable.
  • For this question that an owner was asking, they have their curtain pelmet only 20 cm from the windows and the distance is not enough for openable types (i.e. Openable Grille, Sliding Invisible Grille, Bi-Fold Invisible Grille) which will would be protruding out from the wall (around 15cm).
  • Due to the lack of space, only Fixed Frame option is possible. Hence it is very important to let your curtain vendor know your intention of doing IVG and plan accordingly.


My understanding that Stainless Steel 316 (SS316) should not rust, Teflon are filled in to increase the stiffness and environmental condition. Correct?

Our Answer:

  • The two most common stainless steel grades are 304 and 316. The key difference is the addition of molybdenum, an alloy which drastically enhances corrosion resistance, especially for more saline or chloride-exposed environments.
  • 316 stainless steel contains molybdenum. 304 stainless steel does not.
  • While the steel cable itself is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, a coating (membrane) is coated to prevent anyone from cutting their hand. Moreover, this membrane will also further protect the steel cable from the weather elements making it less prone to rust.
  • In today’s market, Nylon & Teflon are the common ones you’ll find.
  • Teflon can withstand higher heat thus will last longer and retain it’s clear coating while nylon will turn yellowish in time(depending on area and weather conditions).
  • Refer to our Buyer’s Guide for more details on the membrane type and what to look out for.


Hi, I assume gotta get invisible grille to come in for installation 1st before ziptrack (for Balcony)?

Our Answer:

  • Yes, Invisible Grille needs to be installed first.
  • IVG will always be the one nearest to the balcony opening and require drilling to install the top and bottom bar (refer to our install guide for more details). If Zip Guided blind is installed first, IVG vendor would find it very challenging to do the drilling. And if the space given is not enough, then IVG can’t be installed at all.
  • With this risk, its always recommended to get IVG done up first.


Hi how big is the gap/spacing between the wire rope?

Our Answer:

  • The standard distance between the invisible grille is 3 and 4 inches apart. Most vendor quote the same price for 3 and 4 inches however prices increase when you need a more narrow gap which 2 inches. 3 to 4 inches is typically alright for young children. 2 inches is normally used for home with pets like cat.


what does the warranty for the coating cover?

Hi, how about the warranty on workmanship ? Loosening etc..

Our Answer:

  • Warranty ideally should cover on the cable against rust and workmanship related issues (e.g. loosening of the cables). Thi
  • In general, they should be around this range:
  • 5 years warranty for anti rust for Nylon coat
  • 8 years warranty for anti rust and discoloration for Teflon coat
  • 5 years warranty for loosen of steel cable


what’s different between these 2 (China Made, Korea Made)?

Our Answer:

  • If all specifications look the same but country of origin is different, then check for their Minimum Breaking Strength. Because composition of the cable materials will differ between countries, it is important to go for a vendor that have tested this out and sharing the result transparently.
  • For example, the China cable would take a minimum of 250kg to break while Korea’s cable is rated at 350kg.


…visually, will the 3x7 teflon look different from the 7x7 nylon?

Our Answer:

  • Visually, 7×7 cable with coating (either Nylon or Teflon) will be more dull looking that a 3×7 one.
  • While not critical for most homeowners, but for those that mind such details, it is important to get the vendor to show an actual install in their showroom to compare.


What’s the difference between nano coat nylon vs nylon or teflon?

Our Answer:

  • Nano coated nylon and Nylon coated are the same. However Nano coated nylon is often associated with Korea nylon, where black color is coated making the IVG install appearing darker.
  • Whereas Teflon coated provides better heat resistance than Nylon, thus would be more resistant to the weather elements and peeling occurs later than Nylon coated types.
Nylon coated IVG discoloring and peeling


…actually other than translucent and opaque…in terms of other technical specifications…telfon and the black nylon wire got difference?

Our Answer:

  • Teflon provides better heat resistance than Nylon, thus would be more resistant to the weather elements and peeling occurs later than Nylon coated types.
  • Visually, you can use the below for comparison:


Silver vs Black IVG


..Do u generally install the IVG(Invisible Grille) track on the balcony curb(kerb)? Any details to show? Thanks

Our Answer:

  • Yes. To not waste precious room space, IVG track will be mounted at the ledge/curb area. There will be some left over space for other install (e.g. Zip guided blind).
  • In situation where ledge/curb area is not big enough to cater for more than 1 setup, typically IVG will still be mounted on the ledge, but any other setup will be off the curb.


Can check those with young children… Did you guys do invisible grill(e) or used window locks/ restrictors?

Our Answer:

  • It really depends on the risk profile of individual parents. And owners need to balance it carefully between child safety and overall aesthetics. It is common to find families who did either of each and they have own reasons for their decision.
  • Our recommendation is to have a read up on the different types of restrictors in the market today (refer to our Window Restrictors Buyer’s guide), and depending on the child’s age and dynamics choose one that you’re comfortable with.


Hey any cat owners? What kind of mesh do you use for your house?
Would like to hear your opinion

I’m considering
1 — invisible grille (but I don’t like casement type as it looks ugly. if do fixed one and do 1.5 inch, my hand probably can’t reach out to open and close window or clean the windows)…..

Our Answer:

  • We wrote a detailed post on comparing IVG with other pet friendly options, do have a read on that to understand more.

Have a look at our Buyer’s Guide for more consideration points, and our curated list of Invisible Grille vendors with known reviews to start this journey!