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Hi Folks!

Since this is the very first post from our newly setup blog, I thought it would be cool to do a introduction post and how we came about.

Back in 2020 me and my partner was looking at renovating a new home and thought it would be a breeze for us. Since its already our 2nd time renovating a place.

Our thoughts then: “Aiyah…just spend alot more effort in finding a good ID, and just get them to recommend everything else!

But oh boy, we were so wrong.

For items like Vinyl floor, Wall papers he did provide us with a number of proposals and some were even lower than market rates, but when we did some research, we can also see that for some with lower price comes lower quality.

That is a compromise that we didn’t want to make. And when we insisted on getting vendors from our shortlist, our ID can’t do anything in helping us lower the cost. And it became clear that it is still in our hands, as homeowners, to know what we want and demand for it.

Overall the discovery process were long and tedious. With so many options to choose from, it back were confusing and time consuming. Even though this is the second time he has renovated a new home, it is still as challenging as the first.

And so we decided to document our journey to help future homeowners from this nightmare.

And was born.

With a single objective of helping homeowners make better and informed renovation decisions when selecting a product and vendor for their renovation.

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PS: I would like to thank my endearing and supportive wife, as she supported us in this journey.