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Installing invisible grille in flats under HDB

Under HDB, various flat types were thoughtfully designed to cater to a variety of living requirements and budget plans. The following list are what is available in the market today:

  • 1-room to 5-room
  • Executive flat (EA)
  • Multi-generation flat (3NG)
  • Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat
  • Executive condominiums (EC)

While not all designs feature a balcony, for those that do (i.e DBSS/EC), homeowners regularly look to Invisible Grille(IVG) as an option for securing their balcony yet provided an unblocked view.

Besides balconies, homeowners are also increasingly looking for IVG as an alternative to traditional window grilles for windows. Boasting various options like sliding casement or bifold design; IVG meets the needs of many homeowners, and provide additional benefits like easier maintenance.

Besides knowing the various options of IVG and what to look out for or the reputable vendors in this space (which you can get from here and here), it is equally important to know the regulatory process when starting an IVG project.

Getting the right approvals for Balcony

For DBSS and EC, if you’re installing IVG in the balcony, it is important to seek HDB or MCST approval. Because having IVG will change the outlook facade of the building, they will require homeowners to submit for approval.

IVG installation is quite common, and request is not expected to be rejected, however it does add extra time required before work can start. Thus it is important to plan this upfront. Installation work for IVG is typically 1 day, but getting approval will be more than that.

Example renovation notice for Centrale 8 at Tampines (DBSS)


For those staying in 1 to 5 room, EA or 3NG flats this approval is not required. But it is good to still call HDB to update what you’re doing. In case some works are lined up that might impact your install.

Approvals for installing inside the house

If you’re looking to get this installed in areas other than the balcony, this wouldn’t require any upfront approvals.

However for EC, MCST still requires you to submit all upcoming works for review.

Now that you’re more aware of the process, do check out our other post to understand better the options for IVG, their pros & cons. And if you need a budgetary comparison, head on over to our fuss-free calculator for a quick estimate.