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Consumer's secret weapon - The buyer's guide

What is a Buyer’s Guide and why is it important?

A buyer’s guide exists to help individuals in their buying decisions. It’s like a super-brochure — providing all necessary information and comparisons a person needs to select a solution to meet their needs.

The guide will provide whatever information required for you to make an informed decision on a solution before the purchase.

Whether you’ve done it before or not, the challenge of selecting a vendor or product for a new renovation project can be incredibly daunting. It’s tempting to either just go with a referral or the first place that falls in your price range but that doesn’t necessary mean it’ll meet all your requirements and needs.

To help you demystify the process and get the most out of your purchase, here at, we’ve carefully designed the information into various sections (e.g. Vinyl Flooring) and provided a Buyer’s Guide to make your selection process alot easier.

Example — Vinyl Flooring Buyer Guide overview



What does our buyer’s guide provide?

Our Buyer’s guide covers the following sections:

  • Overview — Similar to the above photo, this introduction section provides important information on what the product offering is, and how the market place is structured.
  • Types — Tabular formatted, this section gives a concise view of what are the various types of the product that is offered in the market. Taking away all the marketing brands and jargon, this table shows the essential differences of the different types and provide alias or alternative names used in the market place today. e.g. Flexible LVT, LVT or LVP all refers to the same product type offering.
  • Buying Considerations — The most critical section for any buyer, this section provides concise points to review before making a purchase. After consulting with past buyers and industry experts, all best practices and knowledge are boiled down and condensed into the various points here.
  • FAQ — Simple questions that do not fit into a consideration point, but are good to know. These are questions provided by potential buyers who were in the same journey as you’re now.
  • Technical Terms — Ensuring no communication gaps between a vendor and consumer, these section provides a quick definition of technical terms typically used when discussing this product.

Have a look at the photos before of a glimpse of our Buyer’s Guide. Or head over to this Vinyl Flooring Guide @

Example — Vinyl Flooring Buyer Guide Types & Buying Considerations



Example — Vinyl Flooring Buyer Guide FAQ and Technical Terms