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AI powered Renovation Quotation Checker

Hi Everyone!

I'm very excited to announce our new Renovation Quotation Checker!

Using Artificial Intelligence, our first of its kind tool will look through your renovation quotation and provide feedback that can help you make a more informed choice!

Regardless If you're a new house owner and doing renovation for the first time or a seasoned landlord looking for some small project to enhance your house, this tool will facilitate better communication between you and your IDs or contractors, leading to a delivery that meets your expectation.


The paradox is that homeowners are overwhelmed with information, but we struggle to find the required information quickly and easily. Our checker will function as an electronic 3rd pair of eyes that will provide to-the-point feedback that can help kick-start a meaningful discussion with your vendors.

From quotation to feedback insights

Be it things that IDs have forgotten to include (e.g. soft close hinges) or exploring more affordable alternates (e.g. Vinyl overlay to Re-tiling), our tool will provide you with valuable insights that will always help you make a more informed decision.

Check it out here:

Last Updated Jul 23, 2022